Starting Date :
14th February 2014 @ Kaladi
End Date :
16th June 2014 @ Kedar

About Faith Foundation

Faith Foundation is a Faith based NGO (Registered Trust) headed  by Lt Col Ashok Kini H. SM, VSM, in Delhi, who was earlier in charge of National Ceremonies in Army HQ. He was also in charge of transportation of Kargil Martyrs and organising their last journey. He was awarded Sena Medal for his devotion to duty during Kargil War. He wrote the entire Kargil Vijay Diwas ceremony which is being followed now at India Gate. He was comptroller in the President’s House during the President’s tenure of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and was awarded VSM for his outstanding service. He was in charge of first Spiritual Garden in President’s House. Popularly called as Divine Colonel for his Spiritual bent of mind, he saved Govt of India by pointing out the mistake on the night of 14/15 Aug of 1999 after Kargil War when Param Veer Chakra was posthumously being given to a soldier who was alive. Col. Kini has also served in Nagaland, Indian Peace Keeping Force in Srilanka and United Nation Peace Keeping Mission in Angola, Africa. Graduated from Calicut University, in Kerala, Col. kini hails from Hosdurg, Kanhangad, Kerala and was a Kannada Student from Durga High School. Born to a Brahmin family next to a Durga temple, Col Kini hails from a Konkani community which follows both Gowd  Padacharyas tradition and Madhwa tradition. Gowda Padacharya’s ( param guru of Adi Guru Shankaracharaya) only lineage is traditionally followed in this community. Faith Foundation is been contributing to the Konkani language by promoting the language through producing devotional audio CDs.

He has been protecting the nature through plantation and spreading spiritual act of reverence. He is silently continuing his mission Save Himalaya- Save Earth campaign without publicity. He was awarded Sewa Ratna by Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. He is also working towards environment protection by bringing out monthly environment magazine “Green Business”. He was awarded Spiritual Educator by World Parliament of Religion supported by United Nation. Col Kini is the first Indian, who integrated Psychology and Spirituality in India and gave psycho-spiritual solace to many patients in India and from abroad. He has co authored book on Human Values. He also spreads the message of positivism and conducted lecture to doctors of DHS of Delhi on psycho spiritual approach to treat sexually assaulted victims. Faith Foundation is also working towards Psycho-Spiritual counseling for cancer patients and also working closely with organization connected with counseling patients with HIV/AIDS.

Col Kini has already personally met Shankaracharya of all the Maths and taken their blessings for the entire project of Adi Guru Shankaracharya Punar Sthapna at Kedar. Present King of Kashi, who is considered as ardent devotee and followers of Shankaracharya along with Maharaja of Garhwal will be associating with Faith Foundation for Adi Guru Shankaracharya Samadhi Punar Sthapna.

Faith Foundation conducts Spiritual Camp every year to impart sanskars to the young. Apart from feeding the poor and distribution of needy items to the poor, the team also conducts counseling for children. Teams of volunteers of Faith Foundation are ready for the task mission Kaladi to Kedar. Mr Raghav Chaudhury, an Industrialist from Ghaziabad is the Chief Operating Officer of the Mission Kaladi to Kedar. Other members in the team are Pankaj Chathurvedi, Akash Adlakha, Abhishek Kini, Rohtash Kumar Agarwal, Mahender Singh, Dr Harish Shenoy, Rajesh Kohli, Ms Priya Talwar, Ms Aakriti Gupta, Ms Monika Ahluwalia and Aparmit Singh. The team is Chaired by Shri Tejender Khanna former Lt Governor of Delhi.

Faith Foundation is an Inter Faith Unity promotion body in India. All members are disciplined and hence obey and follow the Govt instructions in letter and spirit whenever ordered so. Faith Foundation also is a member of India Interfaith Coalition on HIV Aids formed in Chennai in 2006.

Faith Foundation enjoys Income Tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act for all donations. Faith Foundation conducts charitable activities, psycho-spiritual activities and counseling for the last 9 years.