Starting Date :
14th February 2014 @ Kaladi
End Date :
16th June 2014 @ Kedar

Rebuilding the Samadhi

In India, the unbroken lineage of “Guru Shishya Parampara” has kept the teachings, scriptures and traditions alive and we are truly blessed to be the beneficiaries of this parampara.

To invoke the blessings of Adi Shankara and show our gratitude to him for his unconditional love for our Dharma and for imparting invaluable and profound knowledge of divine wisdom, which helps for realization of self, a befitting smarak in the form of Samadhi or shrine needs to be rebuilt mission is to assist and pray towards this. Our efforts are to make shankaras invaluable contribution in preserving the rich culture of ancient india to the government, policy makers, citizens of india specially the youth of our country.